Chew on This

Here you will find an odd-lot assortment of ruminations, random questions, snippets of prose, and haiku but seldom anything about food . . . 

19 March 2014

Everyday objects
Must reach beyond mere function
To capture beauty

14 March 2013

Winter’s chill abates
Earth and I lean toward the sun
My bones are soon warmed

13 March 2014

March breezes trooping
Across the frozen prairie
Spring ignores its rant

12 Mar 2014

Present in this world
Aware that I just visit
I belong elsewhere

01 Sep 2013 Could I be lucky enough in my lifetime to see the return of anything close to polite society? (refer to my post below on 15 Jul 2012)

11 June 2013 Going forward, one goal will be to find a balance between wisdom, reason, and fearlessness.

13 May 2013  A friend mentioned she was taking a day of PTO. I realized I’m really a North Dakotan when my first thought was power take-off.

18 Mar 2013  As the sun moves to and from its apex in the spring and the fall, I find myself looking around the house to explore where the light pauses to play. Perspective.

28 Feb 2013 “MY attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.”  ~G.K. Chesterton (NYT Magazine, 02/11/1923)

10 Aug 2012:  Harvey Larson to his daughter in 1972. “Bon: Let’s not take a back seat, if we have a road to travel let’s ride right up front.”

19 July 2012:  The morning sun oozes into my office window and onto the desk like melted butter poured on pancakes.

15 July 2012  Self-evaluation: Sometimes I think I’m nostalgic: longing for a different time. Sometimes I pride myself on being au courant. Sometimes I think I’m nothing more than an anachronism: an obsolete cultural artifact.

06 Jun 2012:  We have lost touch with the countless choices we make in life and have fooled ourselves into thinking much of life is out of our control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

05 May 2012: Why doesn’t the urge to pee happen BEFORE I wash my hands?

01 May 2012:  May baskets are such a simple reminder of the giggling joys of childhood and to not take the world so seriously. Besides, when can you legitimately ring someone’s doorbell and run!?

26 Apr 2012:  The rising sun bestows last rites on the moon impaled on  bent tree branches. Surely this image would be the perfect picture to make Melanie the Moon Queen smile today. Alas and again the camera fails. I shall not share the sickly photo but opt instead to let my words convey the mystery of this moment to my friend.

19 Apr 2012: ‎”A poem is never finished, only abandoned.” ~ Paul Valery, French critic & poet (1871 – 1945) He speaks not only to my poetry but all my writing.

14 Nov 2011: The night air is filled with the smell of Cottonwood leaves,  Missouri River sand, and the sound of Canada Geese chortling on the water’s edge.

10 Oct 2011: We can understand why SOME people won’t come to North Dakota in the winter, but why is it that people could not possibly come to North Dakota in the summer? They don’t flinch at going to Texas, Georgia or Florida in the summer?

04 Jul 11: How is it that 3 cabbage worms can eat more leaf lettuce than I can grow?

03 Jun 10: How is it that someone who likes to cook as much as I do can forget to eat?


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