French Onion Soup: the Agony and the Ecstacy

Gentle Reader, I’m guessing we have all tasted some of the best and worst examples of French Onion Soup. The worst in my taste memory is the stuff that has simmered too long in a restaurant kitchen so by the time it was served to me it looked and tasted like Asphalt Sealcoat.

One adventurous November day last fall I came across an online recipe from Cook’s Illustrated with good instructions and a video. It is quite easy and perhaps could be called French Onion Soup for Dummies. Please note Experience Tip #1: Do NOT put all of the onion skins and trimmings down the garbage disposal unless you plan to spend $5,000 re-doing your lower level from the backed-up floor drain.

With that lesson learned (OK, I do love the new carpet), I made it again and would rank my efforts 4-Stars. It takes a good chunk of time to complete. Not all of that time is standing at the stove since much of the time to cook the onions is in the oven and you can be doing something else. The outcome is worth the sense of accomplishment and the ecstasy of eating and, hopefully, sharing your efforts with swooning friends.

The agony? Peeling and chopping 4 pounds of onions and having every corner of your house smell like onions for hours and hours.  Then there is the additional agony if you did not heed Experience Tip #1.

Bon Appetite and thank you, Julia, for chopping 20+ pounds of onions to learn basic knife skills! I’m off to the Farmer’s Market to buy more onions.


About Bonnie Larson Staiger

I'm a poet. Writing is an extension of who I am. On my blog, North Dakota Roots, I share some poetry and some observations about life.
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