Welcome! Come on in . . .

Gentle Reader: Yes, I come here too. It’s a place where I find balance in my life and a creative outlet–ultimately crafting words. As a published poet, one of my favorite themes according to a writer friend  “sings of both the poignant subtleties and the harsh realities of life on the high plains and Badlands of North Dakota in the American West.”

I’m not one to post regularly–more like in waves. If my posts are less frequent, it means my busy professional life is even busier. During those times, the end of a work day or week finds me with no brain cells left much less any creative energy to write. When I do post, my internal editor is either silent when needed most or hyperactive and hypercritical–perhaps the curse of any writer. There is a constant balancing act between my perfectionist tendencies and the literary freedom offered by a blog. Whether the right or left brain prevails, one thing is clear: there is little more powerful than the written word and I have an inordinate respect for the power of the pen.

I’ve just finished a week-long poetry class at the Iowa Summer Writers Festival. The instructor and other class participants were an active group and the content will keep this pen (tablet) busy. A “poem . . . never finished, only abandoned.” ~Paul Valery.

Here you will also find posts about food. I love to cook and entertain friends–another creative outlet and a way to find work/life balance. I’m always experimenting with new ideas and challenging my skills. Lately, curling up  in my favorite chair frequently means being surrounded by anthologies, chapbooks, and cookbooks.

My cooking skills are mostly self-taught since I had no real cooks to mentor me during my growing up years. I’ve worked my way through most of the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School  curriculum and found I had a lot to learn and unlearn. Cooking for friends and family is one of my greatest joys.

Most of all, I love living on the edge of the Badlands. Here, life is sweet and more recently the sweet crude of oil production is both sweet and crude. More on that in another post . . .  I think.

So please check out my most recent posts from the list on the right or click any of the various categories and archives. I also invite you to subscribe if you want to get posts delivered to your Inbox.  I hope you enjoy my hospitality and I’d love to hear from you!!

11 Responses to Welcome! Come on in . . .

  1. California Cuzin' says:

    I thought I’d stop by and catch up on the latest northern plains musings.

  2. Nice place you have here. I had to drop by to thank you for the like. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As much of a diehard New Yorker as I am, my vacations in North Dakota mark some of the highlights of my life. Hard to explain the sight of never-ending wheat fields (as opposed to skyscrapers or ocean), or a real-life pow wow, or a buffalo crossing your path in the Badlands……

  4. Jason says:

    Great info Bonnie!!
    Here’s another good one on ND tourist stuff…if anyone is looking.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Seems like you truly understand plenty related to this specific topic and it all exhibits by means of this blog, called “North Dakota Roots | A view from up here (46.9 N Latitude). Musings, observations, poetry, food and wine.”
    Thank you -Sterling

  6. Eusebia says:

    “North Dakota Roots | A view from up here (46.9 N Latitude).
    Musings, observations, poetry, food and wine.” Your writing enables me to
    contemplate a little bit more. I cherished every individual element of this post.
    I appreciate it -Sheena

  7. Wow It Looks So Beautiul There ……

  8. I like your place. I will definitely read the other posts. Thanks

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